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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

Therapeutic Animations

Use these animations to help control your pain, anxiety and stress. These animations are designed to benefit the viewer by stimulating multiple access points to the brain using thoughts, images, sensations, memories, soothing emotions, movement and beliefs. They will be periodically update and added to as a page the viewer can use to stimulate neuroplastic change and create a transformative experience.

This shows how the brain's pain network expands when pain transforms from acute to persistent. It also demonstrates that when the brain responds by increasing the release of GABA, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter, from the insula to the amygdala, pain perception is shut off.

Examples of ways to decrease the numbers of cells dedicated to maintaining persistent pain in the brain are demonstrated. Each process stimulates other functions in the areas where pain is experienced to stimulate the brain to take away cells from where pain is perceived, reassigning those nerve cells to these other functions. Using these techniques and being relentless with pain spikes or intrusions by counter-stimulating the brain, leads to changes in brain function and plasticity. This exploits the same process that pain uses to become persistent.

The sound of soothing singing bowls is the backdrop for these other ways of stimulating the brain to reduce pain, stress and sleep disturbance.

When Long Term Potentiation is set up another nerve cell can capture the rhythm of the Long Term Potentiated nerve cell, slow it down and stop it, making it much harder to fire in the future. This is an extremely important step in stopping persistent pain.

The primary Somatosensory Cortex (PSC) and the Primary Motor Cortex (PMC) conduct a lot of the business of the brain. This is especially true about pain and anxiety. The PSC receives input from the peripheral body and the PMC tells it how to respond. These very high functioning regions of the brain are under the control of the Associational Corteces (AC), the highest functioning part of the brain. The AC can be invoked consciously to over-ride the PSC and the PMC, reducing chronic anxiety and persistent pain and restoring normal function.

Video and Sound that captures runaway brain rhythms of pain. stress and sleeplessness and places you in the meditative resting state. Beautiful images played with Himalayan Singing Bowls n the rhythm of the brain's resting states.

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