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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

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Neuroplastix is dedicated to curing the disease of persistent pain in all people who suffer by unifying brain and body as the focus of treatment. The website is ranked number one for all major search engines for Neuroplastic Treatment, Neuroplastic Pain Treatment and Neuroplastic Pain Therapy. This ranking was accomplished by providing professionals and people living with pain a compelling experience based upon scientific content, consumer friendly information and highly navigable web design.

Patient Based Webinars are now available on Vimeo. Links are listed below

1. Introduction: Neuroplastic Transformation Program: Laying the Foundation
2. Webinar One: Basic tenets of the Neuroplastic Transformation Program, R.A.F.T., M.I.R.R.O.R. and N.O.R.M.A.L., in more detail as well as the utilization of Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas about Pain and "The Scent Circuit."
3. Webinar Two: Sound and vibration, active vs passive treatment, paradigm shift of patient and practitioner, empathy, altruism and mirror neurons
4. Webinar Three:
Touch, Connective Tissue System/Extracellular Network, Brain-Body Loop, social interactions, relationships and culture
5. Webinar Four:
Fascia, movement, visual sensory system, persistent pleasure as a cure for persistent pain

Dr. Golden and Moskowitz are working on an on-line, comprehensive presentation for practitioners to help them understand the Neuroplastic Transformation program and to integrate it into their practices. Our goal is to complete this by the end of 2019. Stay tuned.

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The educational programs establish a new paradigm in pain care, bringing advances in neuroscience to anyone affected by persistent pain, including patients, their families and providers. This is accomplished via conferences, interactive materials, scientific publications and professional training, providing a method to transform the clinical treatment of pain.

Research is directed toward clinical studies designed to clarify and exploit underlying mechanisms of neuroplasticity in the development and resolution of persistent pain disorders, correlating positive clinical outcomes observed using neuroplastic transformation methods with basic science and published clinical research. Our research is aimed at bringing together studies that are often spread out through different clinical and basic science disciplines in the service of unifying brain and body in clinical treatment.

Products are designed and developed to manifest the method of transformative pain care. They are tools to be incorporated into daily routines to enhance the method, combat pain persistence and promote wellness. Focus is on self-care.

A unified theory of pain, inflammation and disease will be presented to the medical community at large with the goal of changing the way medicine is practiced.

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