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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

Active and Passive Treatments
(Workbook Page 13)

Using this website in conjunction with the Neuroplastic Transformation workbook is a way to expand what is a written guide to something far more. It is also a way to
move from being in the role of passive patient to active leader of your own pain treatment team. While passive treatments can be very effective it is critical to shift into a model of active care between treatment sessions by constantly counter-stimulating the brain in response to pain intrusions. Look at page 8 and reread the text. Making the transition to the leader of one’s own care by understanding neuroplastic treatment approaches, completely shifts the pain treatment paradigm and opens a world of possibilities. The ultimate goal moves past pain management to that of life transformation. Go to page 16 and look at the ways real people are applying the use of thoughts, images, sensations, memories, soothing emotions, movement and beliefs to make changes in brain real estate, reassigning nerve cells to other functions by counter stimulating their pain episodes.

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